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LAPH is a Learning Partnership concerning adults with acquired aphasia. The participants represent Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands and Sweden. All of us are actively involved in educational activities for persons with aphasia. The aim of the project is to share and exchange knowledge in how to provide and improve education/training for adults with acquired aphasia.

Learning and Aphasia is a learning partnership financed by the Grundtvig 2 EU Action of the Socrates programme. A Grundtvig Learning Parthership brings a European dimension to the adult learning experience. LAPH is a partnership among organisations involved in adult learning from six European countries. LAPH’s aim is to share and exchange knowledge on how to provide and improve training/education for adults with aphasia and thereby enhance their ability to participate in social life. The Partners will focus on best practice in three areas related to the teaching of people with acquired aphasia: • specific methods used in education and training • material used in education and training • education, courses, study circles, etc The main idea of the project is for the staff to learn from each other and to improve quality in teaching aphasic people In each organisation this will be achieved by using methods, materials and experiences from within the partnership. Staff will develop their range of tools and the learners will therefore benefit from this in their learning environment. The learners will participate in the project on different levels. Some will be a part of all the activities, including, partners meetings, workshops, visits and the work done in respective organisations. Some will be actively involved when there is a partners meeting in their country. Other learners will be involved in the project through the staff members who will share their experiences from each country visited and by communication with participating organisations. In this way, even those learners who do not attend the meetings will be a part of a European project where they will increase their knowledge about the other countries in the partnership in general and about the situation for people with aphasia in these countries. The participating organisations will be reinforced in their work for people with aphasia by sharing knowledge and experiences with organisations from other countries. The urgent need for education for this target group will be confirmed by professionals from different countries and thereby strengthen each individual organisation. Each institution involved will also get valuable opportunities to work within a European context. We hope that it will give rise to further international cooperation.


Different kinds of organizations are represented from Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Sweden and The Nethelands: folk high school, local municipality, national aphasia federations and local aphasia centers (NGOs), hospital, all actively involved in educational activities. To find out more go to the website of the Partners: (Italian and English) (Estonian) and (Dutch) (Swedish) (Irish) (Finnish)


Newsletter 2006
Education, Identity and People with aphasia 

Educazione, Identità e Persone con afasia 
Educazione, Teatro e Persone con afasia
Considerazioni sull’incontro di Pisa 

Agenda Italian Meeting (it– en)

Estratti dal Video Documentario Pathfinder, prodotti per il Meeting in Olanda, del Progetto Laph., 12-14 ottobre 2006

Video di Alessandra Tinti, presentato al Seminario Finale Laph 

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